Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about awnings


What’s the price for one of your awnings?

Honestly, this is a loaded question, however; the most frequently asked.  It honestly depends on what you want and how detailed you want your awning.  Every awning is custom made to your specifications so a pricing guide is difficult.


Drop me a line for a quick guesstimate.


How does the awning attach to the trailer?

8.5 mm Keder awning tape is sewn into the seam and this welt slides right into the c channel on your camper.  Extremely strong and flexible and bends and curves with ease! This special “Welded Flap” can resist most elements that would normally damage most regular welded flaps. Also meets NAFTA requirements for duty free entry into Canada and Mexico.



How do I choose my fabrics, awning braid, and textiles?

We need to decide if you are a “Camper” or a “Glamper”.  Are we ordering awning canvas, or are we ordering outdoor fabrics?  Once we have decided this, it will either be or or your choice of fabrics.

The other textiles will be chosen once your fabric arrives and I can physically color match.

Can I provide my own fabric?  Yes, you can!


Payment and Shipping

Payment holds you place in line and secures your fabric purchase.    Currently I am using PayPal and will be building a shopping cart here for more payment options. If you do not have PayPal, I can also take payment sent to my PO BOX and work with you that way.  As all orders are customized to your specifications, there are no returns.  If you feel there is an error in workmanship, I will fix what needs to be fixed.


How long will the order take to be completed?

Average time frame should be about 2-4 weeks turnaround.  It depends on the time of year and how many orders I have billed ahead of you.  I have processed an order within 2 days of payment and shipped it because the fabric was in stock.  I have also had an order take up to four weeks for completion but they were the last order of 27 orders I had in line.


What are my steps in placing an awning order?

  1. Do you have an awning rail? If not, order one.  You can order many places, but I suggest:
  2. How long is your awning rail?  A smaller standard camper 16′ or less generally has an eight foot awning rail.  Standard awning order is 8ft x 8ft.
  3. Make your fabric selections and contact me.  I will write up an order, bill you, and then get to work.
  4. Message, e-mail, or call me and we start the design process. Once the details have been arranged, I will invoice you via PayPal or e-mail, and then get to work.



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